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Work Different

Design for the rest of us.

Today, no matter what we do, every one of us must communicate effectively. In a time-crunched, information-overloaded world, we all need to quickly connect with our “customers” (whether inside or outside our team, division or company), to get (and hold) their attention.

Whether you’re producing a report, giving a presentation or organizing a meeting, doing and saying things in the same old ways no longer works.

Get beyond the commonplace.

In Work Different: Design For The Rest Of Us, Tom Guarriello and Jim Biolos show you how to make your work more compelling by using the powerful tools of design thinking. You’ll learn a simple four-step method for helping you identify and get beyond the commonplace, “default” approaches to your work.
In Work Different, you’ll learn:

  • How to think about your everyday work in more imaginative ways
  • How to become more observant
  • How to use your everyday experiences to make your work more interesting
  • How to make even the most routine activities engaging through “storytelling”
  • The keys to developing your design thinking skills
  • The secrets of “Five-Star” designers

Work Different was written to help “knowledge workers” become more expert at using integrative design thinking to make their everyday work more interesting, persuasive and fun. Learn more about the authors.

Sample chapters

Get sample chapters on video or PDF.

Video chapters | Authors’ Welcome (PDF) | Introduction (PDF)

Connecting People For Results.

That's TrueTalk's guiding vision.

What does it mean?

We live in an era of connectivity.

Everyone in your organization must be able to effectively, quickly connect with a rich network of colleagues, customers, suppliers, visitors...all of whom impact your business success.

How are you preparing everyone in your organization for these connections?

How are you helping everyone improve their ability to connect with others?

Can you afford not to?
Coming soon.