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About Us and Our Work

At TrueTalk, we have several questions:

In an era of growing disenchantment with authoritarianism in all forms, what does leadership mean?

In a climate demanding rapid action, self-organization and tightly coordinated teams, what does great management look like today?

In a time of increasing cynicism about “corporate speak,” how can organizations gain workforce trust?

We’re management consultants who understand today’s challenges. We understand that…if it ever did…one size no longer fits all.

So, we tailor our services to your organizational needs. We’ll have real conversations with you about what you do and how you do it.

We’ll help you think of your organization as a social system and focus on the key elements of your culture: identity, leadership, relationships, conversations, learning, creativity, storytelling, and trust.

Who Are We?

Tom Guarriello, Ph.D. – Chief Idea Officer

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Peggy Kelston- Chief Solutions Officer

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Connecting People For Results.

That's TrueTalk's guiding vision.

What does it mean?

We live in an era of connectivity.

Everyone in your organization must be able to effectively, quickly connect with a rich network of colleagues, customers, suppliers, visitors...all of whom impact your business success.

How are you preparing everyone in your organization for these connections?

How are you helping everyone improve their ability to connect with others?

Can you afford not to?
Coming soon.