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Organizational Culture In The News

We think your organization’s culture is your greatest source of competitive advantage. We’ll periodically highlight and link to quotes and article that demonstrate how you can make the most of your culture.

Great Teamwork Works:

Here’s a link to Fortune’s June 12 Sony story in which CEO Howard Stringer discusses his company’s current cultural revolution.

The Irresolute American Worker: Afraid To Speak The Truth?

This is an interesting article from The Conference Board by Susan Davidson, a cross-cultural consultant. Davidson’s research shows that American workers are more and more reluctant to speak up when they disagree with those in authority. While the image of Americans is one of rough and tumble businesspeople, Davidson found the reality to be one of increased caution, duplicity and fear. The consequences of this trend are indeed dire.

Digital Natives and Digital Immigrants

Anne Kirah, Microsoft’s senior design anthropologist (didn’t know they had one of those, right?) says that the biggest challenge to companies in the future will be establishing cultures that accommodate the different ways digital natives (young people born to use technology as an integral part of their lives) choose to work. Read the short piece here.

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